Recent versions of the Pinnacle Rave PCI TV cards use the SAA7134 chip from Philips. (Earlier versions used the BT878 from Conexant, for this type of card you require Simon Wilson's program PCITV.)

Already got a card and not sure which chip it uses? How to indentify your card.

The SAA7134 versions of the card have a few useful improvements over the earlier version, the main one from the end user point of view, is the provision of NICAM stereo sound on the basic Rave model. Visit CJE's Pinnacle Rave page

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Remote (v0.11) is a basic driver for PCI TV cards using the SAA7134 chip, such as recent Pinnacle Rave cards. This is a beta release, most of the basic features you would expect of a TV are functional but there are still more to add.

Remote Feature List:

  • DMA transfer, no load on the main processor to generate the active video display
  • Full PAL spec 768x576 display, resizeable down to 96x72 and allowable off screen
  • NICAM stereo sound with auto fall back to mono FM
  • Auto channel search (max 10 channels) with rejection of weak un-usable signals. Any wanted channels can be added manually if required
  • Composite and Y/C (S-Video) inputs with configurable sound source switching
  • Channel, Audio and Misc. configuration handled by ConfiX
  • The Remote window offers access to the commonly required analogue functions. e.g. Brightness
  • Full screen operation

    New in version 0.11

  • Better control of user preferences
  • NTSC 525/60 operation via Composite and Y/C inputs for region 1 DVDs
  • Support for PAL and SECAM systems world wide (It might also work on the NTSC system via RF given suitable hardware but that's not been tested)
  • Freeze Frame
  • Still Frame Grab
  • 16:9 anamorphic widesreen mode for use with STBs and DVD players
  • Forced Monochrome Operation, if required. For users with only a black and white TV licence

To Do List:

  • Add teletext - PCITVText (this already works with cards using the BT878 but needs a little more work on that version before it gets added to this version)

Known Bugs:

  • The live video display only operates in 16 million colour modes
  • Video window furniture can become corrupted when moving the window around the screen
  • The bottom two/three rows of the video window sometimes contain garbage following a channel change. A slight re-size of the video window will get rid of the garbage

Download The Current Version:

This version corrects a small bug which caused problems with VCR tape playback. If you already have v0.11, then you only need to download the module to provide VCR compatible operation.

Remote Version 0.12 21-Dec-2007

Download PCITV_Control Module

This version corrects a small bug which caused problems with VCR tape playback. Un-zip it and place inside the Remote application.

PCITV_Control Module v0.12 21-Dec-2007

Previous Versions:

Remote Version 0.11 19-Oct-2006

Remote Version 0.08 07-Jul-2005