There are a couple of programs here which run on RISC OS, they will not run on a PC's running Windows, Linux or Mac's

Two programs are currently in developement, both written for use on an Iyonix running RISC OS 5

1: Remote - A driver for PCI TV cards such as the Pinnacle Rave.

Recent versions of the Pinnacle Rave TV cards use a SAA7134 chip from Philips. This program is a driver for TV cards which use that chip.

More info and download this driver...

(Older version of these cards used a BT878 chip and a driver for these cards has been available for some time thanks to Simon Wilson. Simon's software, PCITV, can be downloaded from

2: PCITVText - A teletext decoder currently working on the BT878 version and now available for download

More info on teletext developement and downloads...