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Screen Shots

PCITVText provides two windows, one where the font is set to 16 pt the other with a 12 pt font.

PCITVText contains no active icons/menus etc., all control is via an updated version of my Remote application, now renamed TextRemote

When TextRemote is first activated it will control Simon Wilson's PCITV as before. Note: Only the MT2050 tuner IC is currently supported, users with other tuner IC's will still be able to use the application but with slightly reduced functionality.

To activate text capture, load and start the PCITVText application. If PCITV is running, it's picture will freeze, sound will continue. When text capture is first activated, there will be a pause of up to some 30 seconds or so before the first page is displayed.

To select another page click on the TV/Text button and enter the required page number. The cache is not cleared on a channel change so a page from another channel may show until replaced by the one broadcast by the current channel.