Screen Shots

Allow both picture from PCITV and text capture to operate concurrently. Presently the PCITV picture freezes when text capture is enabled. PCITV can be re-enabled and text pages already in memory viewed but without updating

The front end has been thrown together to test the background operation and as such exibits a number of problems which need addressing before the software can be released.

Done  Add conceal/reveal and flashing functions

Done  Add saving of pages

Suggestions from testers include:

  • Done  Provide hotspot links on the text display to e.g jump to the page number clicked on / fasttext link etc.
  • Write an installer program.
  • Done  Speed up the display refresh
  • Done  Refresh only when required.
  • Combine PCITVText and Remote to reduce the number of icons on the icon bar
  • Allow both PCITV and PCITVText to work concurrently
  • Done  Add support for MT2032 tuner (and other tuners)
  • Add a rolling page Hold button or Done  cache rolling pages
  • Add channel by channel default start page and remember last page visited
  • Done  Add blank page skip when using the page up/down buttons