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Screen Shots

07 Jul 2005

Progress has slowed down as I've been concentrating on getting TV picture support for the SAA7134 chip working. A few features have been added as listed below but the next major step is to get the teletext code working with the SAA7134 chip

Features added:

  • Skip blank pages
  • Further speed increase to the display refresh, this has allowed Flash and Reveal to be added
  • Subpage caching is now working but is at an early stage of development
  • Save complete cache or single page in text format or single page as sprite

28 Nov 2004 3rd beta sent out to testers.

Features added:

  • Hotspotting, clicking on the text display recognises fasttext links, page numbers, phone numbers, web and email addresses
  • Text window display driver is now written in machine code giving an over 200% speedup over the previous BASIC version
  • Experimental code to allow control of MicroTune MT2032 and Philips / Temic tuners

03 Nov 2004 2nd beta sent out to testers.

Bugs fixed:

  • Problem with pages below 200 on BBC1 and 2

Features added:

  • FastText buttons now work
  • Index button
  • Page / channel up down buttons
  • Station name (broadcaster provided) displayed in title bar

Suggestions from testers include:

  • Provide hotspot links on the text display to e.g jump to the page number clicked on / fasttext link etc.
  • Write an installer program.
  • Speed up the display refresh / refresh only when required.
  • Combine PCITVText and Remote to reduce the number of icons on the icon bar
  • Allow both PCITV and PCITVText to work concurrently
  • Add support for MT2032 tuner

20 Oct 2004 1st beta sent out to testers.

This version had a number of known problems, but up to that point had only been tested on one computer using one aerial in one location. So it was important to get feedback from a number of other testers in a number of locations to check things like the quality of the raw text data decoding process.